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Individual and Couples Counseling Services in San Diego, CA

Take steps towards a better life with psychologist M. Gene Ondrusek, Ph.D as your guide. My goal is to help you live the life you want by helping you confront the issues troubling you and teaching you healthy coping techniques. At my practice, I offer both individual and couples counseling services in San Diego, CA, to address a range of different concerns.

Get In Control of Your Life Again

Stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, relationship troubles: I help clients with these issues, and many more. I understand that undertaking counseling can seem intimidating, so I strive to make the journey as pleasant and productive for you as possible. You and I will work through the problems burdening you together until you feel in control of your daily life again. Contact my office to learn more about my therapy methods and schedule an initial consultation.

Build a Healthier Relationship Together

While it’s true that every couple has problems, these problems need not result in hostility and a breakdown in communication. The goal of my couples counseling is to help you and your partner increase your positive interactions and better understand each other. Whether you’re facing major relationship troubles or simply want to improve your partnership, I look forward to supporting you.